Cleaner Machine
Better Coffee

The first ever capsule to clean your
Nespresso® coffee machine

by Rowan Isaacman (the founder)

How to Clean Your Coffee Machine

These are all you need:
1. Caffenu® Cleaning Capsules
2. Caffenu® Eco Descaler


1. Caffenu® Cleaning Capsules

The capsule releases a unique foaming agent inside the brewing chamber that gets rid of old coffee oils and residue in just 2 minutes. Don’t forget, only a clean machine makes fresh coffee.

2. Caffenu® Eco Descaler

Your coffee machine needs to be descaled regularly to remove lime scale and calcium build-up and avoid machine damage. The Caffenu® Eco Descaler effectively removes lime scale deposits, and ensures the hygiene of your machine’s internal components.


Cleaner Machine . Better Coffee


- 3g x 5pcs

Compatible With:
Le Cube、Essenza、Pixie、U、U Milk、Inissia、Maestria、Grand Maestria、K-mix、Krups、Delonghi Latissima (Touch、Pro)


- 3g x 4pcs

Compatible With:
Caffitaly®, K-fee®, Verismo®, Expressi® and Tchibo® Cafissimo®

Lavazza® A Modo Mio®

- 3g x 4pcs

Compatible With:
All Lavazza® A Modo Mio® coffee machines

Eco Descaler

- 200ml (enough for 2 doses)

Compatible With:
The descaler can be used on any coffee machine, kettle and urn.

Recommended by Experts

Award winning Barista Mikhael Bou Rjeily knows about the importance of cleaning your coffee equipment

"Cleaning is not a maybe. It is a must!

Every time you extract a shot of espresso, it leaves a layer of oil behind in the machine. Flushing with water alone does not help! If you don't clean your machine properly, it will affect the taste of your coffee, and more importantly your health.

The Caffenu® cleaning capsule is an innovative product that makes it possible for coffee capsule machine owners to clean their equipment properly, so they can enjoy fresh coffee."

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Caffenu® Cleaning Capsules
Caffenu® Eco Descaler

People talking about Caffenu®

I have been using my Nespresso machine for over a year and its never been cleaned before. One of the capsules removed a load of gunk and the flow is now noticeable better. I followed the simple instructions except I finally rinsed it through 4 times rather than the one recommended to be sure there would be no cleaning residue left as even after two rinses the water was still a little mucky.

Big Spender / United Kingdom

People talking about Caffenu®

Really amazing result, the coffee taste so much better. Still need to do the normal descaling but I will use this once a month as a recurring maintenance.

Amazon customer / United Kingdom

People talking about Caffenu®

Great value products, works well. Noticeable difference with water quality following use.

Gavdroiduk / United Kingdom

People talking about Caffenu®

Works exactly as advertised. The coffee did taste better, fresher, after I cleaned the machine using these capsules (even though I have been descaling the machine regularly ever since I got it). They are very easy to use: introduce a capsule, run an espresso (3cl), wait 2min, run a lungo (10cl), run 2 or 3 lungos to rinse the machine. I used the transparent container to see what would come out and noticed a lot of particles being flushed down by the flow. It beats introducing a needle in the holes from the sprout every so often, as I was instructed to do by a Nespresso representative!

Top 1000 viewer / United Kingdom

People talking about Caffenu®

These capsules have totally revived my coffee machine which was on the verge of being chucked out. It has completely got rid of that burnt coffee taste and now the coffee tastes better than ever.

Top Amazon customer / United Kingdom

People talking about Caffenu®

I have tested the cleaning capsule on my 10 year old Nespresso machine and was very happy with the result! I will recommend it to my friends and relatives.

Meret Kohler / Switzerland

People talking about Caffenu®

I can taste the difference in every cup! I've recently been using the Caffenu machine cleaner and it has completely changed the way my machine works and, importantly, the taste of my coffee. I'm a clean freak and it has always bothered me not being able to clean the inside of the machine that gets used so frequently. I use filtered water for my coffees but there's no point unless the machine stays clean too. So descalding performs one function but doesn't clean away the residue from the coffee, just the calcification. Now, using a descale AND the cleaning pods, I can taste the difference in every cup. I highly recommend using the cleaning capsule AND the descaler - this is the way to go!

Kim S / Australia

People talking about Caffenu®

I LOVE these new cleaning capsules - it's a deep clean that rejuvenates your machine, super easy to use, convenient and is sure to ensure the longevity of my machine.

Jo-Anne Verburg / South Africa

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