About McGAV International

We have many years of experience in the import/export business, and are specialized in distributing products in Hong Kong, Macau and China

Founded in 2004, we have distributed many types of products in different industries. Our business network is wide and our clients include doctors, dermatologists, hair salons, Apple Premium/ Authorized resellers, telecommunication providers, audio shops, game shops and automobile workshops etc.

Beside of the distribution business, we also have good connections with many high quality manufacturers in China, which allow us to source/ produce many different types of products for our overseas clients. Some of our recent orders include iPhone/ Samsung phone cases, audio speakers, stationeries, Christmas tree LEDs, Christmas trees with snow coating, bicycle parts, kitchen ware, furniture, home ware and accessories etc.

If your company would like to cooperate with us in distributing your products in our markets, or you are looking for quality products from China, then please drop us a message and our representative will get back to you shortly and discussion new business opportunities with you.

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Our Partners & Clients

Here are some business partners & clients that we are working with or have worked with/ served before


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